Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chose The Right



Miguel Angel Tinoco Rodriguez

I like Obama and I voted for him in the primaries, but he failed to get my vote during the general elections. As a matter of fact I studied for three whole months for whom should I vote according to what was being presented. The options that I had until the very day of the elctions were not good at all. I had to reject the greater of two evils. I either voted for one tyrant or for five hundred tyrants. But on the day of the election other choices became apparent and I chose the right wich was none of the options at hand. Many would argue that I lost, however the one for whom I voted never loses, for he is God and God's don't lose.

This was my predicament:

God presides over the destinies of nations and Michael the Archangel is his commander in chief.

Zion, November 4th 2008

Chose the right, reject the greater of two evils and stay away from unclean and gloomy things. This year is the year of decision. Today the people of the United States of America will chose to live with more virtue or to go astray in the ways of the world which will eventually end up in apocalyptic destruction of life and property in this continent. This presidential election is about rejecting the greater of two evils. It is about choosing right from wrong from three or more choices that we have in front of our eyes. One choice is to do the right thing, the other choice is to do the wrong thing; and the third choice is the worst thing to do which is to do nothing at all.

This country was founded upon the principles of liberty and justice for all under God’s natural laws. Therefore, based upon the desires and the visions of our constituent benefactors, the heavens were opened the spirit of truth descended upon many and the constitution of this great nation was inspired to come forth into effect. Within three years the people were reaping the full benefits thereof which lead this nation to become the greatest and most prosperous and powerful nation in the world up until today. As long as the liberties and the inalienable rights are guaranteed and guarded by the constitution we uphold are preserved inviolable this union will last.

And we hold as self evident truth that amongst these inalienable rights is the right to life, to liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These rights can only be preserved as long as the right to property is protected, if not, then by the laws of nature the collapse of the American union must precipitate to dust and ashes unless something is immediately done about it.

Figuratively speaking whether fact or conjecture concerning the present elections in this great nation, Obama has one big house and McCain has seven or nine big houses. And I have none, for it was recently stolen from me. I am in despair, oppressed and greatly afflicted for my loss inasmuch that my soul groans. I can barely sustain myself. And by nature at one point I must take some action to preserve the breath of life that is left in me. I have survived until this day; but today, God willing, I will act a strange act. Today I will cast my vote. And what can hinder me from utilizing illegal force if needs be to free myself from my oppression? By my exerting vote I will do this one thing.

My friend Obama oversees this disparity of my life and the life of many of others in the same condition that I am; and in his good will and intentions desires for me to have a house. But since he only has one he goes and intends to take one house from my friend McCain to give it to me. God forbids, according to law this is grand theft anyway one looks at it. McCain is also my friend and I will lose his friendship if I were to conspire to this evil act against him. It is not right to take from those that have to give to those that have not. This intent of Obama is also in essence murderous and antisocial behavior not acceptable to God, to me, to my neighbors and unthinkable in the eyes of the government regardless of the good intentions of my friend Obama.

Because I told him so, Obama reasoned; therefore, he ceased and desisted of committing this great crime to help me which could have also cost him his life, and his liberty or both had McCain defended himself with deadly force, or by the law. For under God and the law McCain has the right to protect his life liberty and property. And thus, this is how I was able to save my brother Obama from committing this evil.

But while my face was towards the south; then, along came a spider and did bite my friend Obama in the right hand and he begun to develop greater reasoning than before not knowing the source of his strength. His mind was unlighted and he understood his leadership skills and a way climb to the top of Jacob’s ladder. I was delighted for his rising; he was my favorite from the beginning. I even voted for him in the primaries. And more delighted was I when he got to the top, for he remembered me and he sought to help me again. I still had not been able to regain my strength to help myself. Now, perhaps more than then he had much knowledge, strength, some wisdom and power and once in the seat of government he convinced some in high places to make laws so he can redistribute the wealth of the nation in every which way.

This way I could and many others that were in my same position could have a house or a portion of the American dream. In this way he could by law take not one but six houses from McCain and also the wealth from others. Now he made an even worst mistake, for the government and the whole nation were lawfully made into criminals hoping to get away with it. This in time will crate anarchy, chaos, turmoil and the extinction of much life.

It was then, while reasoning about this that I was suddenly struck by the spirit of God and learned wisdom form the source of al truth. This is when Obama ceased to be my friend. For he not only attempted to destroy my friend McCain, but also the liberty of us all and to overthrow the government of the whole nation. This made him an arch criminal and mass murderer in potency. His actions not only violated the constitution but the inalienable rights guaranteed by it to us all.

I had to be the first to take serious measures in my own hands and two thirds will follow thereafter. I had to cast Obama away from our midst by my vote like the devil was cast out from the presence of God in the beginning by the leadership of Michael the Archangel when he cast his vote in favor of Jehovah in the beginning. Jehovah wanted peace and liberty and Lucifer wanted security for us all. I also prayed to God as a gesture of love for my friend Obama not to let him get to the top unrestrained. And I asked God that if he attempted to consume his devilish act of making us all criminals by law that he would take him away, for it is better than a man dies than a whole nation perishes and is cast into hell.

It is uncommon that a whole nation chooses evil; however, the power is in the people for they are agents unto themselves. That if evil is the choice of the majority of the people to have then Obama live and conduct his plans that the whole nation is brought downs to ashes and to dust by the supreme justice of God. That only those who truly fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness may be granted it; or a chance to obtain these things in this or in the world to come. For life and liberty belongs only to those who know how to defend it even if the only resort they have is to use illegal power.

I am a rebel by nature, therefore, let the revolution live on. The constitution of the United States gives us power to defend the constitution as the supreme law of the land. We the people of the United states as long as blood flows in our veins and there is air in our lungs we are bound to defend it. It was so then, it is so now and it may be so tomorrow. In other words; as Mr. Patrick Henry said to congress in the day of wrath on March the 23rd 1876. “Give me liberty or give me death.”

As for my ex-friend and arch enemy Obama, he needs to repent. All that he needed to do was to help me get a job, and since he is a lawyer also, he could have helped me by his own means and skills to defend my rights and my liberties so I can get by the rule of law my property back. I do not want him to steal from other to give it to me like Robin Hood. But he chose to use power that comes from below, to disintegrate our union with the change of common purpose even if it had to be done brick by brick.

I was a registered democrat until I knew what democracy is. We are a republic, not a democracy. The power to govern these nations is obtained from the people directly or indirectly by representatives that reflect the will of most if not all hoping that they will govern us by the rule of law and no other merits. I am a jealous patriot of all presidential candidates; therefore, in healthy patriotism I am neither for Obama nor for McCain. Let the Lord rebuke them, for one of them represents the essence of anarchism and the other represents the essence of Tyrannies’ as their predecessors.

But in absence of better choices I will vote republican. Not because I like republicans, but because I’d rather have one tyrant than to have five hundred. I am a monarchist anyway. I have no place in this government. I have therefore chosen the right by choosing a King of royal descent, even Jesus Christ as president of the United States of America and rejecting the greater of two evils by voting republican on all other counts until he comes to reign.
Therefore, verily I say unto you that when God comes to reign among us he will come dressed in color red in vindication of my words. Thus, this is how as priest of the most high God I am utilizing illegal force by summoning the powers of heaven and any and all available means in defending the constitution of the United States of America. I am choosing my welfare, the welfare of my neighbors, the welfare of posterity and the welfare of the whole continent of America and the world until the stars fall from heaven and my God and King Jesus Christ comes in the clouds to reign. You are all therefore in very big trouble hence forth until God comes.

The constitution can only be saved by a white and a red stripe. This is a declaration of War. If God is with me, who can contend against me? This is my firm stand. And I say these words in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Attentively Yours

Miguel Ángel oconiT Guez-Dri- Rod 77

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