Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Behold, I know your thoughts, and the devices which ye wrongfully imagine against me.

Zion and Jerusalem, October 22, 2013


Behold, I know your thoughts, and the devices which ye wrongfully imagine against me.

(Old Testament | Job 21:27)

I should be in bed at this time but I am here. You are there and I am here. I am here to record two consecutive dreams that I have had today in the course of the night that I cannot overlook or forget.  I know you think I am crazy by all the things I write and say compulsively.  But I do not say anything unless I have had interaction with a person of this or the other world.  Maybe you are reading my blogs or not. Maybe you are repenting of your sins discretely and are confessing them to GOD. You are there and I am here. I do not assume, because it is not good to assume; you know that. 

 I live in four corners Florida out of my home I write; and you live and work in four corners Virginia out of your home work office.  If you have read my writings, my spirit has been in or near you lately and this is the reason I have received some intelligence of things that are, or of that were or of things that will come to pass.  In other words, I do not know if the things I dreamed are of things of the past or of things that are taking place as we speak in the spirit world, or the future that will come to pass in the world.  But since there is no record of it having happened in the past because I have not seen it in the news, the things that I will tell you will possibly be of things that will shortly come to pass or are as we speak being processed to come to pass.  The dreams that I had came in parallels.  

First I saw terrible things in my dreams that happened in the spirit without my intervention as if I were watching from heaven.  And then I saw the things still happening in a lesser degree of intensity with my intervention as if I were part of the plot in real space time.  And the key word in this errand is DEVICES.  For I know that the devil lights up or animates his cells or devices to work mischief wickedness among the children of men as it did during the marathon Bombing a little more than six months ago on April 15th.  I do not know if you read the voice of warning blog that I wrote on that very day.  For it is written that after our testimony comes wrath and indignation upon the people.  And as it was then, so it is now. Because it is written:

The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right.

(Old Testament | Isaiah 32:7)

Monday, April 15, 2013

If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more shall they call them of his household?

First I dreamed a dream or I had a vision, where I was driving in a place in a rented nice vehicle in a far distant city from where I live.  In other words, nothing was familiar or of local nature.  If I were to guess, I would say I was somewhere in Texas. If it was Dallas or Houston, I do not know.  I used to travel much when I was a nuclear and fossil power plant leak detection technician, so the road or traveling routine was somewhat similar.  And since I was in a rented vehicle, I sensed that I was near an airport.  And as I was driving out of that place to do my errands whatever they were, I heard in the distance very loud and fire producing explosions as when a power plant or refinery explodes. But the explosions were in diverse parts of the city and it was more than one, maybe three or four.   They were very great and appeared like a terrorist attack of some sort and not an accident or a random incident; of this I am kind of sure.  But I cannot tell, because this was in a spiritual sense. I was there but I was not, it was as if it was shown to me before it happened. Then I was there in actual time or as if the dream was coming to pass and I was not alone.  I met other individuals that were friends or coworkers or so. We appeared well fit professionals working for the FBI or another intelligence agency.  There appeared various white passenger vans and I was the driver of one of them. It appears as if I was running away from my coworkers because they were going to do something rally bad and I did not want to be a part of it.  I did not want to be in their association.  They were the ones that would cause the explosions I have heard or sensed before, in other words, they were to set of a false flag attack of some sort.  

So, I took one of those vans and fled from them and they were persecuting me because I had stolen the  trigger device from them, and I held it in my hand as I was driving the van, and to distract them from persecuting me, I pulled it and heard a very loud explosion near by.  It appeared to have been detonated in a parking lot or a rental car parking lot near an airport. And it was dark as I had seen it before. But at fist I was going out of the airport and at this time I was heading into the airport. And my coworkers were mad at me because I had messed up or thwarted their macabre plan of having several explosions.  And by me taking the trigger device from them, we or they only had one explosion and the rest of the time was spent in my pursuit.  So, if my intervention did not prevent the plot, it may only have diminished or thwarted it. And then the dream ended. And these are the supporting scriptures.

The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined.

(Old Testament | Psalms 10:2)

For they intended evil against thee: they imagined a mischievous device, which they are not able to perform.

(Old Testament | Psalms 21:11)

But that is not all, there was another dream immediately following the first. And I do not remember all things but the highlights of both dreams.  In the second dream, I dreamed a dream or had a vision in which I was at work in the FBI office or another intelligence agency in Virginia and the same things happened.  I first saw in the entire dream or what would happen entirely without my intervention.  I saw or overheard somebody warning all present of a bomb threat in the building where we were all working, but nobody have heed to the warning voice and then the great explosions went off.  They were very severe and there were lots of people inside the office or cubicle establishment or floor. And they all must have died including the person who was warning them. Then, the dream repeated itself, or begun again, this time I was there in actual time as before, the details were more vivid, it was as if I was living again what I had dreamed or seen before.  I was walking the isle of the place for the hallway surrounded the cubicles in the office building where the FBI or other agency officials work.  And there were cubicles in the inner space and solid offices in the outer space and a walkway in between.  There was a very beautiful woman there that I did not know talking with my coworkers. She was of foreign stock, like Russia or its whereabouts. If she worked with us or was visiting I do not know.  She appeared nervous and I did no trust her, but most of my co workers did.  And she knew or sensed that I knew that she was a spy or mole.  I do not know if I was a woman or man in the dream, but I was jealous of the woman.  And my coworkers were touching or messing with a complex high tech device that they did not know much about. It felt to me like little kids playing with guns.  And as they were handling it, for it was an electromechanical  frame of some sort, the woman got nervous as if it were to explode for the men were handling it too rough.  And they I did yield loud that it was a bomb and that the woman was a spy, but none listened to me.  It was as if I was either a spirit or the thought I was crazy.  I saw their strange look at me. There were four of those devices and they were handling one of them one by one in each corner of the building and I was waking thru the walkway around the cubicles counter clock wise or against the clock.   


The devices appeared like a frame made of polished alloy or steel as those used to open bank safes with explosion in the movies.  And the device had a fitted compartment to introduce a sealed pipe inside or a whole that appeared the orifice to put like a pipe bomb. But the pipe had it no fuse.  The triggering was electromagnetic or movement or heat activated, but my coworkers were handling it as if it was a mere paper cutter or a glass cutting machine or so.  And they were going from corner to corner setting those things as if they were ornament or some kind of abstract art.  SO, I went around the hallway counter clock wise saying that aloud bomb will go off but no one would listen to me and it got me mad.  Then when I had almost finished my round and thy were at the last corner setting their last devices, I grabbed the little pipe that looked like a bomb from the hands of one of them, and sensed that it was heavy, but that it had a liquid substance inside that appeared like nitroglycerin. And I balanced and sensed that it was not full but half full for the liquid moved from side to side.   And as I took it from them, the strange woman was in the middle and got scared, therefore, to prove to them all that it was no toy but a bomb, I threw it threw it on the right side hallway or walkway away from the people and the cubicles and I yelled to them to take cover, which they did and when it fell on the floor it exploded very loudly. And then they believed me. And I immediately rebuked my supervisor for not believing me or listening to me.  And I told him that the reason by which he did not believe me I told him was because of his lust or because he was more interested in her ass or looking at the skirt of the woman than giving heed to my words.   


And it was then it was discovered by all that she was a double agent or mole. I do not know what happen to the woman thereafter. But she was dressed in a nice pink wobbled silk suit, the skirt was about four inched above the knee and she had high heels. And her jacket was very tight fit and the sleeves were about four inches from the wrist. She looked nice, more like a hooker than a professional. And she was there to impress with her looks and looked like a fragile white and little young lady in her late twenties, but she was to me a deadly assassin or a foreign spy.  Then my supervisor went out in rants out of the place very disappointed because he had underestimated that woman and almost endangered all of us.  I do not know if people died, but he took his truck and drove live a mad man across a field near by messing up the crops and going over walls until he ended by a cemetery where he stopped his vehicle and smashed the dashboard of the trunk with his feast for being so imprudent and stupid. And this I saw in the spirit, but I went there to console him. I was driving a motorcycle. And when I got to him, I told him that it could have been worst. And then the dream ended.

 I only have had one way interaction in this word with one person that works directly for the FBI or a security agency.  And that person is you. So, I do not know that to make of all this, all I know is that whether it is an illusion or delusion, it is my duty to sound the warning alarm.  If I were you, I would copy these words and give them to my supervisor or superiors.  I hope I am not too late.  For it is written:

For to this end also did I write, that I might know the proof of you, whether ye be obedient in all things. To whom ye forgive any thing, I forgive also: for if I forgave any thing, to whom I forgave it, for your sakes forgave I it in the person of Christ; Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.

(New Testament | 2 Corinthians 2:9 - 11)

He disappointeth the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise.

(Old Testament | Job 5:12)

Wherefore hear the word of the LORD, ye scornful men, that rule this people which is in JerUSAlem.vBecause ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves:

Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste. Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place. And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it. From the time that it goeth forth it shall take you: for morning by morning shall it pass over, by day and by night: and it shall be a vexation only to understand the report.

For the bed is shorter than that a man can stretch himself on it: and the covering narrower than that he can wrap himself in it. For the LORD shall rise up as in mount Perazim, he shall be wroth as in the valley of Gibeon, that he may do his work, his strange work; and bring to pass his act, his strange act.

Now therefore be ye not mockers, lest your bands be made strong: for I have heard from the Lord GOD of hosts a consumption, even determined upon the whole earth.

Give ye ear, and hear my voice; hearken, and hear my speech. Doth the plowman plow all day to sow?  doth he open and break the clods of his ground? When he hath made plain the face thereof, doth he not cast abroad the fitches, and scatter the cummin, and cast in the principal wheat and the appointed barley and the rie in their place?

For his God doth instruct him to discretion, and doth teach him. For the fitches are not threshed with a threshing instrument, neither is a cart wheel turned about upon the cummin; but the fitches are beaten out with a staff, and the cummin with a rod. Bread corn is bruised; because he will not ever be threshing it, nor break it with the wheel of his cart, nor bruise it with his horsemen. This also cometh forth from the LORD of hosts, which is wonderful in counsel, and excellent in working.

(Old Testament | Isaiah 28:14 - 29)

I do not have much more to say, other that I do not know anything of myself and that things are shown to me by the will and power of GOD for a purpose that is only known to him.  And I hope that people repent and that the things I dreamed about do not come to pass. However, when the revelation comes, it is possible to avert judgment, but when it appears in dreams; it is imminent for the people have reached the point of no return. At best, the intensity thereof can be diminished. And these things I say humbly, in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Attentively yours, from an unworthy servant in the hands of Christ

Miguel Angel Tinoco Rodriguez

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